Its a State Government Scheme come into effect from the 1st April 1997, dealt by Social Justice Empowerment & Welfare Department, (Women & Child Development Division, ICDS) The objectives of the scheme is to encourage the delayed marriage of the Girls giving with an incentives. The criteria of the schemes are as under:-

1) The Girls who attains the age of 13 year will be done registration her name at the project office level producing with relevant documents like Birth Certificate, Father Domicile certificate, Tribal Certificate and 3 no's Passport size photo. After doing scrutiny of beneficiary documents Rs. 8000/- will be deposited in the Bank as Fixed deposit for the period of 8 years by the Department in the joint account name of CDPO and beneficiaries. Individual FDR will be kept under the custody of CDPO till she remains unmarried up to the age of 20 years.

2) If she remains unmarried at the age of 21 years, producing with Unmarried certificate she will receive an incentive of Rs. 2000/- from the accumulated principle.

3) If she marries at the age of 22 years an additional incentive of Rs. 500/- will be paid to her.

4) If she marries at the age of 23 years an additional incentives of Rs. 1000/- will be paid to her

5) If she has her first child after 2 years of marriage she will be paid an additional incentive of Rs. 1000/-

6) If she has second child after a gap of 3 years she will be paid an incentive of Rs. 1000/- Deposit the remaining amount with the interest bearing account in the name of the original beneficiary which will be available to her at the age of 50 years provided she continues to remain only with two children



The Ministry of Women and child Development, Govt. of India, in the year 2000, came up with a Scheme called Kishori Shakti Jojana (KSY), which was implemented using the infrastructure of the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS). The objective of this Scheme was to improve the Nutrition and Health Status of girls in the age group of 11-18 years, to equip them to improve and up-grade their home- based and Vocational skills, and to Nutrition and family welfare and management. Again the Ministry has renamed the Scheme called Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls (RGSEAG) launched in the year July 2011 in the centre level. Sikkim also identified to implement this scheme only East District & North District as pilot project. It would be implemented using the platform of ICDS Scheme through Anganwadi Centres (AWCs)


  • Enable the AGs for Self-development and Empowerment
  • Improve their nutrition and health status
  • Promote awareness about health, hygiene, nutrition, Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health(ARSH) and family and Child care
  • Upgrade their home based skills, life skills and tie up with national skill Development programme(NSDP) for vocational skills
  • Mainstream out of school AGs into formal/non formal education
  • Provide information/guidance about existing public services such asd PHC, CHS, Post office, Bank, Police station, etc.


RGSEAG is the centrally sponsored scheme, implemented through the State Government with 100% financial assistance from the central Government for all inputs., except nutrition provision for which Government of India will share upto the extent of 50% of financial norms and 5% shall be born by State Government.

The scheme will be implemented through the AWC which will be the focul point form the delivery of the service. AWW will survey and register all AGs within the jurisdiction of that AWC and advice them to come to AWC. CDPO will be responsible for implementing the scheme within the project area alongwith Supervisor.


The financial norms will be Rs.5/- per beneficiary per day for 300 days to be covered annually.


The Adolescent girls are catorized into two groups:-

  • Age 11-14 years AG: Supplementry Nutrition will be provided at the rate of 168 grms per day per beneficiary comprising 600 Calories and 18-20 grms of proteins i.e. only for Out of School girls. School going girls are not entitled as they get Mid Day meal in school.
  • Age 14-18 Years both school going and Out of school girls are entitled for supplementary Nutrition of 168 grms per beneficiary per day.